To smoke Dokha using a Medwakh, a small amount of tobacco is placed in the bowl of the pipe and ignited. The smoker then inhales the smoke through the narrow stem of the pipe, which allows for a quick and intense buzz. Because Dokha is a fast-burning tobacco, users typically take just a few puffs at a time, rather than smoking the pipe continuously.

While Medwakh pipes were traditionally used for smoking Dokha, they can also be used to smoke other forms of tobacco, such as pipe tobacco or shisha.

First step
Pick the filter and fit it properly at the end of your Medwakh.
Note: Do not try to smoke Dokha rolled in Rizla papers or through other pipes.
Second step
Now fill the Medwakh with Dokha and pack it firmly.
Third step
First breath out fully by emptying your lungs and then bring the Medwakh to your lips and light the tobacco in the bowl.
Fourth step
Inhale normally and hold the smoke in for a few seconds and get ready for the second hit without exhaling the first. Now, take a second hit and exhale slowly. You will have a wonderful experience of Dokha buzz while exhaling.

Note: Maximum of three hits are recommended for experienced smokers.

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