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First appearing in the history of the northern area of Iran in the 15th century, dokha, or dizzy in Arabic, is a high nicotine tobacco. It was first introduced to the Middle East populations in the early 1500s. It was mixed with a variety of dried fruits, herbs, flowers, and spices to enhance the flavor. Today, dokha is still very popular with Middle Easterners and has spread all the way to Western countries as well. In fact, next to cigarettes, dokha is the second most used form of tobacco. The tobacco is dried in the arid desert instead of fire cured as regular tobacco is today. It retains its green color and is ground and not chopped or cut. As in history, today too it is mixed with flavor enhancing spices and herbs, which gives it a variety of flavors to crave.

We as Sensation Dokha have helped to bring this centuries old form of tobacco to the mainstream public thanks to today’s global economy and websites that are available for worldwide sales.  Consumers have their choice of cold, over-cold, warm, over-warm, hot, or extra-hot blends of dokha depending on the added herbs and spices and nicotine levels.

16th century Sailors on the Caspian Sea help to spread the use of dokha for its stimulating head rush and comforting effects it gave after smoking it. Today, cultivators have improved their crops to produce a superior product after many generations of perfecting their craft. It still delivers the highly sought after high nicotine punch, but with a much higher quality tobacco that keeps our customers coming back for more.

Most tobacco smokers prefer dokha because it does not produce the usual pungent and the unpleasant residual tobacco smell in the air or on clothing. They are also pleased that they smoke less dokha than when smoking regular tobacco. This is due in part to the tobacco being natural, processed naturally, as well as the natural herbs and spices – no chemicals or additives are used. Another reason is the higher nicotine content – dokha smoker’s use up to 15 grams verses up to 1.9 grams in most cigarettes. When smokers use a medwakh pipe, the amount of tar that gets to the lungs is greatly reduced. We aren’t saying that it is a completely free and healthy source of tobacco, but it is a better alternative for some.
Sensation Dokha offers smokers a variety of intensely satisfying products. Many prefer them to the usual cigar, pipe, hookah, and cigarette flavors.

Speaking of Medwakh pipes, we offer a variety to choose from. Historically, they were crafted out of animal bone, exotic woods, silver, gold, marble, and other status symbol materials. Most medwakh are still hand crafted and are works of art to be displayed when not in use.

Now that you know a little more about Dokha, you are sure to become a connoisseur in no time. There are hundreds of flavor combinations, brands, and strengths of this more than 500 year old tobacco. It is pure and natural, making it a superior choice over regular tobacco products. Smoking dokha is commonplace in the Middle East, and is quickly catching on worldwide.
Sensation Dokha strives to provide only the best to customers from high quality dokha to medwakh pipes. We only want to bring the best to our valued customers.

Please look through our website and see everything that we have to offer in natural pure dokha. You will surely find your favorite flavor and strength, plus something new to try. Our products have been screened to be sure they are the best available, as we value all of our customers and work to prove it. Buying from Sensation Dokha will never disappoint.

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