Sensation Dokha

How to smoke Dokha?

Different smokers use different ways to smoke dokha. But, the most appropriate, joyful, and harmless method is still unknown to them.
After a huge amount of research and discussions with experienced smokers of dokha, we have come up with the most effective step by step method which will give you the maximum buzz.

  • First step

Pick the filter and fit it properly at the end of your medwakh.
Note: Do not try to smoke dokha rolled in Rizla papers or through other pipes.

  • Second step

Now fill the medwakh with dokha and pack it firmly.

  • Third step

First breath out fully by emptying your lungs and then bring the medwakh to your lips and light the tobacco in the bowl.

  • Fourth step

Inhale normally, and hold the smoke in for a few seconds and get ready for the second hit without exhaling the first. Now, take a second hit and exhale slowly. You will have a wonderful experience of dokha buzz while exhaling.
Note: Maximum of three hits are recommended for experienced smokers.

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