Sensation Dokha

How to clean your Medwakh pipe?

To make every session of Dokha smoke smooth and to get maximum buzz out of it, you need to clean your medwakh pipe regularly. Also, life of medwakh pipe depends greatly on its timely cleaning.
The simplest and effective way of cleaning medwakh pipe is as under.

  • 1. Remove filter from your medwakh pipe.
  • 2. Use a tissue paper or paper towel to clean bowl of the pipe as much as you can.
  • 3. Insert the pipe cleaner from mouth’s end of Medwakh and push it until it reaches the other end.
  • 4. Now bend the pipe cleaner in such a way that it becomes L-shaped.
  • 5. Hold cleaner from bent side and start rotating it in a circular motion, so that its roughness help remove the resins.
  • 6. After few circular rotations, remove the pipe cleaner.
  • 7. Insert another new pipe cleaner and repeat same process.
  • 8. You can also use pipe cleaning solution to clean Medakh pipe but after this, you will need to properly dry medwakh using the paper towel.
  • 9. Use tip of pipe cleaner – Q-tip or clean tip – to clean the bowl by removing all resin from it.
  • 10. Blow several times through the pipe to remove remaining resin, if any.
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