Sensation Dokha

Dokha vs other tobacco products

Tobacco products are responsible for stimulating pleasure centres of the brain. They have a calming effect on the minds of smokers. World has witnessed growth of multifarious tobacco products. The markets have become highly saturated but all have been harming the health of smokers in one or the other way. But, there is a unique and safe tobacco product now available in the market which is known as Dokha. Dokha has been proved as the safest ever smoke in the world. It is even more advisable than shisha and cigarettes.

Shisha and cigarettes contain toxic material which is accumulated in high concentration in the body during the long sessions of inhaling. It has been proved through research conducted by World Health Organization that these tobacco products contain carbon monoxide which effects human brain, heart, stomach, lungs and kidneys badly. The carbon monoxide replaces the oxygen in the body, as a result of which, brain starts squeezing, heart begins damaging, stomach gets highly acidic, functioning of lungs slow down and kidneys get infected. Oxygen is the most important element to be maintained in human body but these tobacco products are considered as the greatest enemies of it. Also, they contain heavy metals and carcinogens which cause cancer.

On the other hand, Dokha is comparatively a safe side. With its harmless smoke, inhaled through Medwakh pipe, dokha provides a feeling of sustainable pleasure. It has a unique buzz which results in unprecedented satisfaction and relieves stress. Moreover, it has nothing to do with oxygen level of the body because of which it has becoming more popular and acceptable among smokers. It is more economical than shisha and cigarettes. Further, it has no additives and smokers enjoy pure smoke.

Thus, Dokha is more acceptable and form of tobacco than its all alternatives which cause health issues  many ways.

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