Dokha is a type of tobacco that originated in the Middle East, particularly in the UAE and Oman. It is a strong, fast-burning tobacco that is smoked through a small pipe called a Medwakh. Dokha tobacco is typically made from dried and finely ground leaves of the Nicotiana Rustica plant, which is known for its high nicotine content.

Dokha is popular among young people in the Middle East and is often smoked for its quick and intense buzz. The tobacco is typically smoked in small amounts, with users taking just a few puffs at a time.

In recent years, Dokha has gained popularity outside of the Middle East, particularly among young people in Europe and North America. However, it is important to note that smoking any form of tobacco, including Dokha, carries health risks and can lead to addiction and other health problems

If you are interested in trying Dokha, it is important to do so in a responsible and informed manner. Be sure to purchase high-quality tobacco from a reputable vendor such as Sensation Dokha and to use proper smoking equipment, such as a Medwakh pipe.

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